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Tips for choosing Christmas toys

by womenbabe

Nowadays you can find various Christmas tree toys: balls, figures of cute animals, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. Such a rich assortment … However, how to choose those toys that will be high -quality and beautiful?

Nowadays, glass and plastic toys are offered for Christmas trees. During the choice, it is important to consider not only external attractiveness, but also safety, quality. Therefore, here you can buy toys that meet all standards.

For example, a glass toy, characterized by fragility and low quality, can suddenly break and injure numerous fragments. Plastic toys can be made using phenols and formaldehydes, which are toxic. So we suggest paying attention to some tips that will certainly help you.

You decided to buy a glass toy? Take a thread with you, which you will need to try to make in the “ear” made in a metal loop. This will make sure that the mount can withstand the weight of the toy. You noticed that the loop jumps out of the hole? The purchase should be abandoned. Pay attention to the quality of the covers of Christmas toys. Make sure that the paint does not “lice”.

In order to check this, the side of the Christmas toy can be carefully rubbed with your hand or napkin. If there are no traces left, decide to buy. Toys should not be very heavy, since the Christmas tree should not bend.

You decided to buy a plastic toy? The smell will help you! Toxic materials can be used for the manufacture of low -quality plastic toys, but they smell badly. Be prepared for not all toxic plastics have a characteristic smell. In an ideal case, ask for the documentation for the goods. If the seller refuses to submit documents, you should be alert. You can buy a toy from another seller, because health is above all.

What Christmas tree toys are in fashion? Choose products moderately decorated. Remember Soviet toys? Nowadays, they can again be considered fashionable. Feel free to choose toys with minimal decor!

You know that Christmas toys can be prepared at home yourself? Perhaps they will become a worthy decoration of the Christmas tree?

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