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Uggy – fashionable shoes from Australia

by womenbabe

Australian shoes from sheep overturned wool rightfully deserve praise: the quality of sewing on top, the thermal properties are magnificent. Walking in them is so convenient that sometimes it seems that it is like soft warm woolen socks on your feet instead of familiar shoes.

Each of us is well aware of how important it is to protect our feet from hypothermia in winter. Staying in the cold for a long time can threaten diseases such as SARS, pneumonia. Therefore, in winter, we try to reduce the time of walks, we rush to go home as soon as possible to warm ourselves and relax. The secret of the popularity of fluffy boots, of course, in the special technology of their production. Thanks to unique properties, ugg boots can be worn in cold winter, as well as hot summer. High -quality duplicated sheepskin provides the legs with excellent thermoregulation. In winter, the body temperature is maintained in the boot, so even in the most fierce frost, the legs remain warm. And in summer, natural wool in felt boots prevents excessive moisture excretion – sweating. By the way, it is precisely because of such unique properties of these shoes that the manufacturer recommends putting boots directly on the bare foot. In fluffy uggs you can walk as much as you like, without fear of giving yourself a corns.

Sheepskin ugg boots are the hallmark of the UGG Australia trademark. Today, Fluffy Women’s UGG is that rare shoes that can decorate women’s legs even without heels and platforms. Uggs are decorated with gold or silver patterns, pompons, decorative elements, applique, they are an addition to the image and can come under any clothing.

Many men first ignored shapeless uggs, but, as you know, “ugly boots” were created specifically for men to protect the legs of Australian farmers, surfers, hunters from fierce cold. And now, after consistency of considerable years, the uggs again become part of the male wardrobe.

Before buying UGG Australia, keep in mind that boots from tanned sheep wool should not be dressed in wet weather. Uggs are able to maintain their original appearance for a long time, ate not to wear them in the rain, dirt or in wet snow.

Australian fluffy ugg boots are in the wardrobe of stars such as Britney Spears, Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker. Today, the restless worldwide popularity of fur boots continues to inspire designers to create more and more models of this bizarre shoes.

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