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What to do with children on the weekend?

by womenbabe

The long -awaited weekend came, and the parents have a question, how to spend them. The best option would be a joint vacation with your children. You say that there are no longer places where you could go with the child, and there are no games that he did not play. I assure you, there are always options!

Option one. Invite your children to help you cook a festive dinner. Children will really like such an offer, because he will make it clear to the child that he is trusted, he is appreciated and treated as an adult. It is not necessary to give the kids to cook exotic hot, it is better that they themselves cut vegetables, fruits, decorate the salad with herbs, sprinkled the cake with chocolate crumbs. The child will not only have fun, but also useful to learn to cook a little.

Option Second. If you suddenly plan to clean the apartment for the weekend, do not cancel it. Turn a tedious and unpleasant activity into an unusual game. Start competing with the child who will remove the room faster and better, put things in order in the closet, put items on the shelves of everyday life. As well as joint cooking, restoring cleanliness and order in the apartment will strengthen the child’s confidence in his abilities and forces.

Option Third- a trip to the forest to nature with the simultaneous organization of the game “Cossacks-robbers”. Important warning: during the game with each child, there should be at least one adult. Children really like something secret, unknown. The atmosphere of the green forest will only increase the curiosity of the guys. And to run through the forest and breathe fresh air will always be good and parents.

The option is fourth. On the weekend, teach your child skiing, skates or bicycle. You will be pleased when your child has the first successful attempts. Time will be spent not in vain.

The option is fifth. Organize for children the day “Everything I want”.   Give the child a certain amount of money and go to the nearest large store with him. Let your baby buy everything that he wants to be necessary. Such a lesson will teach the child to reasonably manage money and allow him to feel independence.

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