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Bath during pregnancy

by womenbabe

Sometimes the idea of ​​taking a bath, drink a cup of coffee, relax, and warms the soul. Is this accessible to a woman who is preparing to become a mother? Whether the bath will harm during pregnancy to the child?

Is it possible to take a bath during pregnancy?

Future mothers quite reasonably think about what is harmful and useful for them and the health of their babies. On the safety of the adoption of a hot bath during pregnancy, many disagree. The contradictions and doubts are caused, first of all, by the fact that water procedures as a whole positively affect the pregnant woman, since they are:

help to relax, relieve stress, get rid of fatigue;

positively affect muscle tone;

improve blood circulation;

reduce back pain, in the legs.

Indeed, water has a beneficial effect on the general well -being of people in general. However, there are reasons why pregnant women are not recommended to take hot baths. These reasons are associated with the physiology of the pregnancy process itself. So, the high water temperature can provoke:

It is for these reasons that most doctors recommend that pregnant women refrain from taking hot baths not only in the early stages of pregnancy, but also during the entire period of gestation. It is also often recommended to postpone a visit to the bath, saunas until the delivery.

Is there an alternative to hot baths during pregnancy?

Yes, and this alternative is most often the adoption of the shower. However, in order for this water procedure to be as safe as possible, it is necessary that:

The water temperature did not exceed 36-37 degrees;

The pressure of the water was moderate;

The duration of the procedures was no more than 10-15 minutes;

In the bathtub itself, near it or shower, there was a rubberized rug, which would avoid unwanted falls;

Some of the close members of the family was at home in case a pregnant woman begins to experience any malaise.

If the stress level goes off scale, and the desire to soak in water acquires an irresistible force, a great way to relieve stress can be a visit to the pool that is not only not criticized, but even encouraged by the absolute majority of obstetrician-gynecologists. Aquaerobics courses for pregnant women are available today. In addition, even simple swimming is useful in terms of strengthening the back muscles, preparing the body of a pregnant woman for childbirth. You can visit the pool throughout pregnancy. In the last dates, swimming is a pleasure for two. The feeling of how the baby moves inside the mother at the moment when she floats is simply amazing and unforgettable!

Months of pregnancy will fly unnoticed, and the opportunity to take a bath in the nearest month after childbirth will be an excellent reward to the woman who gave the world a new life. Swim with pleasure!

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