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Detective check of the future daughter -in -law

by womenbabe

The personal life of each of us is information that many try to hide from prying eyes in order to show themselves in a different light. Most often, the desire to conceal its dubious reputation gives its fruits and becomes the main reason for deception.  

Once Olesya Aleksandrovna, a particular detective, was addressed by an elderly woman Evgenia Vasilievna, who was very worried about the situation, which has recently emerged with her son. Artem – her only twenty -five -year -old son, who grew up by a quiet and calm child, suddenly met the girl Alina, and after two weeks of their acquaintance announced his mother about the urgent marriage with this stranger. The girl is actually sweet and sociable, not deprived of beauty and has seemingly flexible character. But with a personal acquaintance with her, the mother could not find out where this girl works, what education has and where comes from.  

A few days after the girl Artyom visited Evgenia Vasilievna, there was a loss of expensive jewelry, which was a family relic and crossed the female line from mother -in -law to the daughter. As it turned out later, Artem decided without maternal consent to give this decoration to his future wife Alina, because very soon it will belong to her by law. Of course, this could not but upset the mother’s heart.   Evgenia Vasilievna, on the advice of her long -standing friends and decided to turn to Olesa Aleksandrovna – to the private detective of Moscow for help, because she heard a lot of flattering reviews about her, and the results of this detective of all those who applied arranged. At the appointed date, Evgenia Vasilievna met with the detective, told about her problem and shared her experiences. It was important for her to find out who this girl is, what she lives and where her relatives, because it was from these that Alena always skillfully.   After the investigation, the private detective Olesya Aleksandrovna found out that Alena was brought up in an orphanage, since still, being a two -year -old baby, she lost her parents in a terrible car accident, and her native grandmother refused her. After the orphanage, the girl entered the medical school, and now works as a nurse in the house for old people. The detective found out that Alena is a diligent employee, she is sensitive and responsive, she takes even such instructions that many would immediately refuse. Taking advantage of the services of the detective and receiving all the necessary information about the future daughter -in -law, Evgenia Vasilievna stopped worried, she even felt sorry for Alena, who hid a lot about herself, as she was shy of her past.

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