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Essential oils from flu and colds

by womenbabe

Often with the advent of winter or spring, when the human body is weakened, depleted and it is extremely necessary to replenish the stocks of vitamins and nutrients, we are attacked by merciless viruses and infections. Therefore, how not to get sick and preserve your health is interested in all. The best way is to prevent influenza and colds. After all, to save yourself and prevent the disease is much easier, subsequently, to take a bunch of pills, mix, slings and the like. A very effective and simple option for prevention and treatment itself is the use of essential oils, which have recently begun to be very popular.

Not everyone knows about the stunning effects of these oils. But they are actually inexpensive, and with their proper use, they almost never cause any side or allergic reactions. It is most reasonable to buy oils in a pharmacy, where you can also get high -quality consultation and full instructions for their use. The range of oils is very large, which are used for various appointments. But here the oil of tea tree, peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, bergamot, ginger, cinnamon, rosemary or carnations have antiviral properties, therefore they will be used for treatment, prevention or ordinary disinfection. There are also not few ways to use them. This, for example, can be wet or dry inhalations, massages and rubbing, various baths and rinsing.

In the autumn-winter season, such procedures will protect you from diseases, and will also help strengthen immunity. Essential oil from influenza will help relieve a runny nose, relieve breathing and satisfy a headache. And the therapeutic aroma of oils helps to destroy the bacteria and disinfection of the room, so you can confidently acquire a spray gun and spray mixtures of such oils, and no flu epidemic will be terrible for you.

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