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Ethnic style in the interior of the call of the ancestors

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Ethnic style in the interior – call of ancestors

Jul 13

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Today, among the styles of interior of the apartment, ethnic style is gaining popularity. Ethno style in the interior is a stylized reproduction or even copying in details of the features and atmospheres of the premises of various peoples of the world. Most often these are the features of the dwelling of other countries. Everything from the color scheme and decor elements.

What is an ethnic style?

The ethnic style in the interior is a common name for many styles: Russian folk interior, Swedish style, Scottish style, African style, etc. D. Everyone can find something to his liking. Some folk and national traditions of the world that will inspire, give strength and give a good mood. It is not necessary to adhere to absolutely all the same style. No need, as they say, to fall into extremes. If you are more comfortable to live in a traditionally furnished and decorated room, the interior of which is only a little supplemented by ethnic details, let it be so! You should feel comfortable in your home. To give the environment, it is enough to add several elements inherent in the home of the country that you choose to the interior.

The general details in the ethno -style room are:

Zonal division of the room using multi -level sex

Free layout

Application of portable partitions, screen.

Ethno style in the interior dictates the use of natural materials or at least imitating natural. It is a stone or imitation of stone, various mats, carpets with an ethnic pattern, national fabrics, etc. D.

The color scheme of ethnic style is natural for those nationalities that lived in such dwellings. The Scandinavian style, for example, should be decorated in light colors. Bright red and yellow-the colors of the English style.

Ethnic style lighting should not be too bright, which will help create a cozy atmosphere. Try not to use large fluorescent lamps. Luers with lamplines covered with fabric or lace, muffling light are more suitable. Such cryphones can be done independently.

Also, complex massive furniture, especially varnished, should not be used in the ethnic style room. The furniture should be made as simple as possible, without chic, complex accessories, etc. D.

In general, the ethno style in the interior is designed to create comfort, pleasant emotions, a feeling of unity with nature. Of course, in the modern world, complete reproduction is not possible due to the emergence of many benefits of civilization in our time.


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