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Storage of things in the apartment

by womenbabe

Probably, in every family they are familiar from the situation when during cleaning many things that have already served their owners at home go to the pantry or on the balcony. It seems that the thing is no longer needed, and suddenly comes in handy in six months or a year? It’s a pity to throw away what is still possible to use someday. Gradually, these things accumulate more and more, they begin to litter the space. But there are also “seasonal” things, such as sledges or bicycles, cans with conservation, old children’s things that also need to be stored somewhere. Those who live in private homes can always send an unnecessary thing to the attic now. For decades there is a lot of such trash there.

But what to do to city residents to do, if in a small apartment very often and for the necessary things there is not enough space? After all, you still need to live somewhere, and not turn the apartment into a duffel warehouse.

City residents equip built -in cabinets, pantries, mezzanines, shelves in a pantry for storing things. But if the place for storage is organized incorrectly, over time, things will begin to fall out of the cabinets at every attempt to shove something else. To save space in the apartment, you can use the seasonal storage of things for fur coats, jackets or shoes and other goods, somehow used in different seasons.

It is important to properly equip storage places. On sale you can find a lot of a variety of racks, containers, boxes and chests of drawers. Please note that they themselves do not clutter the space and at the same time are spacious. Highlight several places for storing things in the apartment – in the hallway, in the kitchen or even the bedroom. Save space cabinets with sliding doors and height under the very ceiling. Conveniently store things in a chest of drawers with deep drawers.

So that the number of things does not increase exponentially, take it the rule of yourself during spring or autumn cleaning to conduct an inventory and throw away what you have not used for more than a year. If for all this time you have not remembered this thing, then it is unlikely that it is ever useful to you at all. If it’s a pity to throw away a completely suitable thing, sell it, give it to relatives or to charity.

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