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Cotton fabric for all occasions

by womenbabe

The use of cotton to make fabric began more than 7,000 years ago. India is considered to be his homeland, from there he spread in South Asia.

The ancient Egyptians were also familiar with this plant and made fabric of the highest quality. Europe for a long time was content with only the supply of finished fabric. Their production was established here in the 18th century. Today is the most common culture grown for fabric manufacture in 80 countries. The quality level of raw materials depends on the length of the fibers, their purity and transparency. Modern cultivation technology gives not only white or pinkish cotton, but also brown, green, red. After the collection, the cotton undergoes textile processing, from it they get yarn. In addition to the production of cotton fabrics, it is used to produce cotton wool and threads. Buy cotton is currently not difficult.

Cotton fabrics are a common name, there are many types of them. The most famous and used in everyday life:

Clot – dense fabric going on sewing bedding. It is practical and durable, weakly crushes.

Bike – has a pleasant softness and villness, it turns out good homemade clothes and blankets.

Velvet – known for the pile on the front side, which is produced by special interweaving. The material was used not only in sewing clothes, curtains and upholstery are made from it.

Denim, jeans fabric – a large density material, denim has a different color of the front and wrong side.

Gauze – bleached fabric of a rare weave, is used for medical purposes.

Satin – is distinguished by a smooth shiny front surface, dresses, shirts are sewn from it, make lining.

Chinese – light fabric used in sewing children’s things, shirts.

The cotton fabric owes its widespread spread to its many advantages: it has high hygroscopicity, regulates heat transfer: in winter it is warm, and it is cool on a hot day, has a low price. In terms of strength comparable to silk, surpasses wool. Cotton does not cause allergies, therefore it is recommended for children from infancy. It has its own disadvantages: it is easily crushed, loses strength under the influence of light, dries for a long time and sits down after washing. To improve qualities, flax or synthetic fibers are added to cotton. Natural, light and pleasant fabric is indispensable for the production of children’s clothing, bedding and other necessary things. Online store fabrics will provide this material with joy.

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