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Guys are on top

by womenbabe

A girl with problems, or a problem girl, is a reward sent from above for a guy for all his sins and suffering! There is nothing more pleasant for the guy than to feel like a car aircraft and help the poor thing overcome some difficulties-to cure her spleen, save from annoying girlfriends and tender spies. The keyword is “some”, because solving all the problems of all girls who come across on a combat path is the task of not fulfilling. Guys can easily take the girl to Moscow on an excursion, besides, the Red Metro Hotel is always glad to guests, but they will not be able to solve the problem associated with the reconciliation of friends.

Place for the hero. Girls have problems. The rescued girl must understand with complete clarity: the guy is not a psychoanalyst, will not go into details of the complex girlish world, so the problem offered to solve should be simple and clear so that he feels the winner of the hydra and exalt in his own eyes – otherwise for which he will take you help?!

These girls know for sure that, besides them, no one will solve their problems. The guys are sure that all the troubles of the world lie on their not very wide shoulders, and therefore rush to empty embrasures to hear from grateful humanity: “Thank you, brothers! If not for you…”

One of the most common female problems has a rather strange look: a girl cannot find a common language with a best friend, who for some reason is also a girl! That is, your boyfriend has another girlfriend, but this is not his or her problem, but your. It is normal in the world of guys, they adore such issues – if only because two girls are curling around each of them at such moments, and the guys still have fantasies!

Vertical problems. A reasonable question arises: and the guy in general, in principle, is able to solve at least some kind of girl’s problem?

The answer will be this: if the problem is real, and not artificially created by the guy, – no, is not capable. What is the conclusion from (most girls come to him with experience): there is no point in loading the guy with his troubles, because he will simply turn them into full -fledged unsolvable problems. Better go somewhere to relax, for example to Moscow. Modern Moscow Hotel Shamanka reviews about which only positive, will be happy to accept you. After a good rest, you can sit down and think about how to solve your problem, without outside help.

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