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Why on February 29 is such a strange day

by womenbabe

2012 is full of world -class events. Firstly, there will be Olympic games, and secondly, everyone expects the end of the world in mid-December (but we do not believe it, though?), as well as this year there is a leap day – February 29, a day when once every four years, women are allowed to make a marriage proposal to a man.

Only one day of four years. One day out of 1460 days. And everything happens only on February 29. Because this is a day that should not be. He is out of time. This is a kind of midnight in the middle of the year – a secret curtain between day and night, the time of the appearance of ghosts. On a leap day, all kinds of strange things can happen, and women get a little power and on this day they are free to ask for everything that they wish.

The American tradition of the leap day began in the distant 1930s and it was based on a comic character named Neda Hawkins. According to legend, this lady was so unattractive that not a single man dared to make an offer to her, passes

But the point is not at all that women really make an offer on this day, although many do so. Rather, this is an indicator that the rest of the time in the year is a purely male prerogative.

But in any case, to make an offer to a man or not, to solve a lady. Although you need to be prepared for the reverse reaction. After all, suddenly your chosen one had long planned to ask this exciting question in the near future, and you only offend him with your actions? Yes, there are situations when your chosen one needs to hint that, in fact, it’s time. And, perhaps, on February 29, it will just come in handy for this. Just do not overdo it!

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